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Why an insurance claim after a semitruck crash can be difficult

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Personal Injury

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare. You stopped short because the vehicle in front of you did, and you looked in your rearview mirror to see a commercial truck barreling down at you. The big truck smashed the rear end of your vehicle, broke your arm and caused debilitating soft tissue injuries that left you in severe pain.

You know that you were not to blame for the crash, and you followed all the proper steps, like making a report to the police. However, when you go to file an insurance claim, you may find it as anything but the straightforward process promised in so many insurance company commercials.

Why are insurance claims so complicated after a collision with a commercial vehicle?

The policy is usually much bigger

With the exception of trucks that are under the 10,000-pound weight limit, most commercial vehicles will be subject to very strict insurance requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Most commercial trucks have to carry a minimum of $750,000 of liability coverage. However, those hauling hazardous materials may have millions of dollars in insurance coverage. The companies providing that coverage want to pay as little as possible on the claims that occur despite how much the people affected may have lost.

An individual trying to handle a claim by themselves might agree to a settlement that covers most of their current bills, failing to recognize that they may have years of medical consequences and lost wages they need to recover. It could be difficult to negotiate with insurance adjusters who employ manipulative tactics or companies that bring in lawyers early in the process without help.

Your chances of getting an appropriate amount of compensation will increase when you have help to validate how much the crash will cost you and to manage the process of negotiating with the insurance company.

With the right help, you can focus on your recovery

Instead of reading books about negotiation strategies and trying to make sense of the fine print of an insurance policy while you are also physically healing from a car crash, is better to focus entirely on your convalescence.

Having a lawyer support you during your claim will reduce your stress and make it easier for you to get the full amount of compensation possible after a commercial vehicle wreck.