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Key pieces of evidence for a truck accident claim

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | Personal Injury

A truck accident in North Dakota can leave you with physical, emotional and financial damages that last a lifetime. In the aftermath of a truck accident, it’s important for victims to gather as many pieces of critical evidence as possible. This evidence could be crucial in helping you pursue a claim for compensation.

Evidence from the scene

You may think that gathering evidence from the scenes of car accidents is a police job. However, police are not always able to get to the scene immediately, and your personal photos could become crucial pieces of evidence. In addition to taking pictures, it’s a good idea to speak to any eyewitnesses at the accident scene and gather their contact information.

Official accident reports

The official police accident report could be the most important piece of evidence in a truck accident claim. In many cases, accident victims have such serious injuries that they aren’t able to gather any evidence themselves, but they can request a copy of the police report later on. If any charges were filed against the truck driver, it’s important to obtain copies of these reports as well.

Alcohol and drug test results

When a large commercial truck driver is involved in a crash, drug and alcohol tests will probably be done to determine whether intoxication was an issue. Copies of the results of drug and alcohol testing may be crucial evidence in a truck accident claim.

Electronic logging device records

Truckers are subject to federal laws that passenger car drivers are not. These laws include regulations about maximum continuous drive time and compulsory breaks. Electronic logging devices are used to ensure that truckers comply with these regulations, and you can request records from these devices after an accident.

Don’t forget the spoliation letter

If you were injured in a truck accident, your attorney may send a spoliation letter to the trucker’s employer requesting that all evidence of the crash be preserved. A spoliation letter informs the liable parties that you want them to maintain all inspection reports, driving records and other evidence that may be relevant to your accident claim.